Conditions of use

Benaki Museum has created the website to offer information and services to the users in relation to the services rendered and to its broader activity.

The use of the website entails the automatic acceptance of the Conditions  of Use, as these are each time modified by the Museum and are in effect.

Website content

All the content of the information,  of the electronic files,  of the services and of all the components  contained  in the  website are the property of Benaki Museum and are protected intellectual property products.

Users  are explicitly  prevented  from operating,  copying,  reproducing, propagating,  re-publishing,  disposing  or transmitting  or using in any way the content  and the services  of this website  in a manner  other than  as explicitly defined in this website,  without Benaki Museum's  previous consent in writing. The  Press  releases  are  the  intellectual  property  of Benaki  Museum  and  are protected  pursuant to the related provisions  of the greek legislation and of the international conventions.

The Museum makes every effort to provide precise and clear information and content, available via the website. In any case, the Museum has no liability towards the users of the website for any damage they may have suffered if the content of the information has not been updated.

The  website  may  offer  «links»,  hyperlinks,  etc., to other web pages, the providers of which are fully responsible for the security, the legality and the validation of the content of their own web pages. In any case, Benaki Museum shall not have any liability towards the users for using web pages of third parties just because these are shown via the  website. Benaki Museum shall not be liable for any damage that the website visitors and/or any third party may have suffered by reason of the operation or not and/or of the use of the website and/or of the failure of  provision of services and/or of information furnished to them and/or of services and/or information furnished through it.

Users' Liabilities

Users of this website have to comply with the applicable regulations and provisions of the Greek, European and International Law and to make a lawful and appropriate use of the website in compliance with these «Conditions of Use». Visitors are required to abstain from any illegal,  contrary to the moral standards, illicit and abusive use of the content and of the services of this website. Any damage caused against this website and Benaki Museum and/or the network in general, any poor use and contrary to the «Conditions of Use» of the  website and of the pages and/or services by the users shall be solely incurred by the latter, and Benaki Museum reserves to exercise all legal rights to safeguard and to protect its interests, and the perpetrator shall be required to make good any possible damage against Benaki Museum.

Content availability

Benaki Museum shall endeavour to maintain and to make the website available. However, it may not warranty that its website as well as any information and/or service included therein shall be provided uninterruptedly and/or  flawlessly. Moreover, Benaki Museum reserves the right to modify and/or to discontinue temporarily or permanently all or any part of the website with and/or without warning to the users, and its availability depends on factors irrelevant to its liability.

Benaki Museum shall make every effort to protect the website against any malicious software. Nonetheless, it shall not warranty that its website and the servers through which it provides the website content and services to the users do not contain viruses or other harmful components.

Modes of payment

Credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners and Paypal.

Transactions security

Our cooperation with Alpha Bank guarantees the reliability and the security of your purchases or online donations.

Any purchase of products or online donations via shall be secured by the special service of Alpha Bank.

The website in which you enter your card details shall be provided by Alpha Bank. Your card details shall be encrypted and sent to the Bank that has issued your card to get approval of debit and those details shall not be notified to any third party.

Any payment effected by using a card shall be carried out through the «Alpha e-Commerce»  e-payments platform of Alpha Bank and shall use a TLS 1.2 encryption with a 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer-SSL).

Encryption is a way to encode information until it reaches its specific recipient, who shall be able to decode it by using the proper key.

Our online services reserves the right to change any price without warning. The customers shall always pay the amount indicated in their order, even if the price has been modified by the date for which the ticket has been issued.

Return policy

Ticket returns or changes shall not be accepted. Any lost ticket may not be issued anew at the cash desks.

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